Fiorelli Silver CZ & Gold Plated Waterfall Drop Earring


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These Fiorelli Two Tone CZ hook Earrings are both unforgettable and iconic, the chic design captures the Fiorelli signature style and embraces sophistication that's within their core.

The earrings are made from rhodium plated 925 Sterling Silver with gold plating and clear cubic zirconia.

Care instructions for this item

- precious dip, silver dip

To keep your Fiorelli jewellery looking sleek and polished, we recommend using the Silver Jewellery Cleaner by Connoisseurs, suitable for removing tarnish from sterling silver jewellery. Simply dip for 30 seconds, clean gently with the cleansing brush provided, and rinse in water for a piece that looks as good as new! Remember to dry with a lint-free cloth. For pieces with precious stones and/or gold plating, we also suggest the Precious Jewellery Cleaner by Connoisseurs. Just follow the same steps as above!